Reward yourself after a hardworking tax season by upgrading your laptops, desktops, monitors, and printers.

We are excited to announce the newest addition to Xcentric Store: printers!  We have added 3 printers that are fast, multi-function, black and white, and color. These printers range in size from personal desktop to large office.

We selected Lexmark printers for multiple reasons:

1) Lexmark printers are certified with Citrix, making them compatible with Xcentric Cloud.
2) Lexmark is a leader in their industry by creating products and standards such as dual head scanners and new printing units that other companies are copying.
3) Xcentric tested Lexmark extensively through printing 500 pages, across multiple clients, locations and applications.
4) Setup service, unpacking, and installation are included in the price.

Xcentric Store was created with the intent to make your hardware purchases simpler. Through a due diligence process, Xcentric identified the laptops, desktop, monitors, and printers that would best suit the needs of accountants. We listened to the requests of our clients and have responded.

Xcentric supports all the hardware represented on Xcentric Store by using it in our offices. We have created a process through the store that makes purchasing and configuration convenient for our clients. We understand that your computer is the lifeblood of your work; therefore, we offer a service that will ship your computer already configured for Xcentric Cloud. Visit us at http://store.xcentric.com/ and if you have any further questions contact jhull@xcentric.com. We are here to help!

Did you know that the early wooden printing press could produce up to 4-5 impressions per minute? A printer in our day can produce anywhere between 40-50 impressions per minute. The invention of a German from Mainz forever changed mass production of printed materials. His invention created an economically viable system that allowed for content to be dissimilated across the globe. Thanks, Johannes, for your innovation!

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    April 23, 2012


Ali Nolan
Marketing Manager



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