First, let me say, congrats for surviving another tax season.  We’re excited about the prospect of you getting some well-deserved rest and time away.

As we all know, kickoff to tax season was tough for the entire accounting profession.  We worked together to adopt the changes made by the tax vendors that were required by the late, but necessary, newly minted IRS standards.  Though painful for us all, the tax application authentication enhancements were long overdue and worked to close a vulnerability that hackers have increasingly exploited in recent years.  For the full scoop on why the changes were made, check out the IRS page that explains it all.

In recent months, Xcentric has celebrated a few key milestones that I wanted to make you aware of.  We turned 15-years old. It was so fun to celebrate the hard work and many investments put into our platform, our processes, our people, and our clients over the years.  We also hit the 100-employee mark! Since our founding in 2002, we’ve come a long way from starting in my (Trey) basement with the simple vision of serving CPAs.  Along the way, we’ve grown to serve over 200 CPA firms in the Xcentric Cloud.  That’s amazing!  Did you know that our combined user base of accountants in the Xcentric Cloud makes us all the 6th largest CPA firm in the country?  Crazy!

The Xcentric team had a very productive tax season serving you and your team all the while working hard on our plans and projects for the coming year.  We just finished our annual SOC2 audit and did so with flying colors.  It’s a grueling exercise but one that gives great peace of mind to us all.  Additionally, we have some great initiatives ahead that you’ll learn more about as they are released.  To cover the high notes, we’re introducing a shiny brand-new Xcentric Cloud portal with many updates, we’re fully releasing dual-factor authentication enhancements to increase security, we’re changing some of the back-end systems to rev up login and application performance, and we’ll be going live with new processes and automation that streamline how quickly we install and update your firm’s software.

On behalf of the entire Xcentric team, I want to say a huge thanks to you for trusting us with your technology, aspects of your culture, and your firm’s growth and future.  We’re very thankful for your partnership and honored to serve you.

Trey, Christian, and the entire Xcentric team

Trey James
Trey James is the co-founder and CEO of Xcentric. HeRead more...



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