One benefit of using the cloud is that you don’t have to limit your search for good employees to your geographical area.  Whether it’s long-term or seasonal, it’s possible to get high-quality work done from employees thousands of miles away from your firm’s office.

For instance, I know of a firm located in a smaller Virginia town who was looking for some quality temporary employees. With an approaching 4/18 deadline, there was a high load of returns still needing to be processed.  The managing partner reached out to AccountingFly, a great resource for finding accountants to hire all over the country, and was able to find two remote employees who happened to live in California.  Both seemed to have great experience, and both were looking for a little extra work.

This firm was able to set up certain restrictions for these users as well, like keeping email off of personal devices and making it so that they only had access to a personal drive and the few applications they needed.  Also, this firm uses Slack to communicate between employees, so the partner was more at ease knowing he could quickly get in touch if needed (via Slack’s mobile app).

No matter how small or large your firm is, the cloud can give your firm the flexibility and ability to hire and manage remote employees as if they were in your office.



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