Backup Solution for CPA Firms

There are tons of great options out there for affordable, reliable online backup solutions for businesses. A major piece in this puzzle, however, is that you are a CPA firm and do not have the same standards as other businesses your size. We have helped CPA firms for years with their technology and are putting what we know to good use by helping firms maintain their data in a secure, reliable fashion.

Hybrid Solution

We have found a hybrid solution to be the best fit for CPA firms. The hybrid solution combines the use of local hardware plus on-line (off-site) storage to truly allow firms to meet their technology goals.

Managed Backups

Xcentric monitors and helps maintain your backups through a series of services provided with your managed backup plan:

  • Replace storage hardware if there is a failure
  • Patch equipment to ensure latest security
  • Send emails alerting you when backups have failed
  • Initial setup consulting
  • Ongoing support


CPA firms who have tried 100% online solutions have been left wanting and/or with a huge bill that makes backups hard to afford. The compounding cost of keeping multiple data sets online as it pertains to monthly costs, thus a solution is needed to help bridge the gap between them. Our Managed Backup services does just that for firms looking for maximum protection while also wanting to keep monthly costs in check.


$50/month for 100GB of online storage

Local hardware costs vary based on size of your data-set. Please use the contact form on the right to get more information.

Other Features of Managed Backup Services:

  • Secure offsite backups in the cloud
  • Deduplicated efficient backup storage
  • Redundant disk-based storage, no more tapes
  • Best-of-breed data retention policies
  • Web interface multi-location management
  • Fast restores by web, FTP and Windows software


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