Is your network prepared for tax season? And, can it withstand the rigors of remote employees and be prepared for recovery from a disaster?

Is your Network Technology and Infrastructure ready for tax season?

Make sure your technology platform can support your strategic business needs. This assessment takes a look at the whole network, all locations if necessary, and determines if it can keep up with a your need as a CPA firm. We apply our set of best practices learned over the years of working with CPA firms to your network and make recommendations on how to improve. A simple road map will be presented that can be used as an accountability tool between partners and IT staff. A part of this assessment includes a look at basic security protocols and will make suggestions accordingly.


Do capabilities of your technology platforms align with your firm's business goals & needs?

  • Short and long-term vision
  • Growth strategy/M&A
  • Recruiting/Retention

What process changes will be required to optimize support of running the firm various business units and locations?

  • Remote Employee
  • Multi office
  • Audit teaming

How do your current software and hardware assets function within the firm's network technology platforms?

  • Application compatibility
  • Internet/connectivity
  • Workstation capabilities
  • Network

What IT and business skill sets will be necessary meet the short and long term business objectives of the firm?

  • IT Helpdesk
  • Software management/procurement
  • Hardware management/procurement

What specific areas of stakeholder and staff alignment will be required for successfully ensure accountability and collaboration.

This assessment requires completion of team and organizational objectives surveys and an IT budget worksheet prior to our visit and making your staff available throughout the onsite visit (usually 1½ days) for interviews. Two to five members from Tax, Audit, Accounting, Administration, and network support must each attend interviews, and the owners must attend a two-hour education/summary of findings session at the conclusion of the Infrastructure Assessment.

Within 10 business days, we will provide a detailed written report that indicates its position within each of the 5 key readiness categories, details specific recommendations, and executive analysis of the firm's IT budget. The Network Infrastructure Assessment typically requires 1½ days on-site and one and a half days offsite to complete.

Fees are as follows:

  • TBD for firms with greater than 75 personnel/workstations or three locations
  • $6,500 for firms with between 40 and 70 personnel/workstations
  • $6,000 for firms with less than 40 members/workstations
  • Add $500 for additional office locations

Pricing valid through April 15, 2017. The firm will reimburse all related travel expenses.


Best practices learned from real-world experience in the accounting profession.
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