We are excited to announce our new Cloud Portal! The new site, cloud.xcentric.com, brings a variety of tools under one umbrella, streamlining the user’s Xcentric Cloud experience. You’ll now only need one username and password to access the commonly used Xcentric webpages.

At the beginning of the year, we set out to develop our own portal system in order to accommodate the many disparate, growing systems commonly associated with managing an accounting firm’s IT. We have accomplished that with this release of the Cloud Portal and in so doing have created an easier to use, yet more powerful, tool for our firms’ end-users. We’ve already had great feedback about how nice it is to no longer have to remember multiple websites and their unique login credentials. This new platform is powerful because it allows us to build onto the existing functionality with future updates. Some of the features released can be found in the notes below.

Key Releases for All Users:

Cloud Applications

  • Enhanced access to all Cloud applications
  • Cloud session disconnect and reconnect now works on all browsers and operating systems
  • Cloud session management (ability to view and close current active sessions and open applications)

Support Services & Ticket Management

  • Single-sign-on (SSO) functionality giving you access to the Cloud ticketing system
  • New simplified ticketing system user interface
  • Create and manage service requests (tickets)
  • Integrated knowledge base

Email Services

  • SSO access to Outlook web mail
  • Quick access to anti-spam services and archiving (SSO can be enabled by request)

Account Management

  • Easily change your password and access security questions
  • Create and manage service requests (tickets)

New Notifications

  • User is notified of an open session and easily able to reconnect to it
  • Maintenance window notifications
  • Password expiration notifications
  • Real time updates displayed from status.xcentric.com

Key Releases for Technology Administrators:

  • Monitor your firm’s internet connectivity from within the portal
  • Firm-wide ticket management
  • Create and manage tickets on behalf of other staff members
  • Cloud session and application management for all of your firm’s users (ability to close any user’s active sessions or applications)
  • Add/Remove/Modify users
  • Add/Remove/Modify a variety of user’s services:
    • Cloud application access level and to which app
    • Email
    • ActiveSync (for smart devices)
    • Anti-spam
    • Manage email distribution groups
  • Gain insight with a reporting feature on system usage:
    • Email/Exchange usage
    • Billing details

Future Enhancements

  • Firm-wide notification system
  • Expanded reporting and dashboards on system usage (technology administrators only)
  • Firm in/out board
  • Online support and chat services
  • More firm and user management tools


  • Ian Carlson
    January 7, 2013

    Nice Additions, should help out a lot. Great work guys and gals!

    • Roy Keely
      Roy Keely
      January 8, 2013

      Thanks Ian! Thanks for keeping tabs as well.

Christian James
Christian James is the co-founder and COO of Xcentric. HeRead more...



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