Shedding Light on Social Media & Disaster Communications: Disaster Recovery Tip

Author: Trevor Mickelson, CPA Practice Leader, Agility Recovery

There’s no doubt about it – social media is changing the way we communicate. These online tools, once thought to be for personal use only, have asserted their dominance in times of emergency as go-to sources for news and updates.

However, despite its popularity, social media and disaster communications can still be confusing when it comes to implementing a strategy of your own. What do you say in an emergency? When do you say it? How do you say it? (more…)

Social Media Baby Steps for Busy People

Jumping into Social Media to many people feels like diving head first into the deep end without knowing how to swim. They feel like if they bite the bullet they have to all of a sudden create a Facebook account and say good-bye to a few more hours a week looking at pictures of a dead deer shot by their 3rd cousin or read about a neighbor’s vacation to the Bahamas. While this could be your plight, it doesn’t have to be, nor should it be. Here are some quick tips to try your hand at a few different aspects of Social Media geared for busy professionals.

Bring the web to you: Google Reader

What if a newspaper dropped on your doorstep every morning with news tailored just for you? No more throwing away this and that section or going straight to Sports or the Business section.  Instead everything is relevant and hand picked. This is Google Reader in a nutshell. It’s simple to set up and all you need is a Gmail account. It uses something called RSS (Really Simple Syndication) technology that pulls info as it’s released/updated across the web on the sites you want to follow and/or news you want to be privy of.

Other RSS Reader option:
Microsoft Outlook


A successful CPA blog must be a team effort

The way to get a blog rolling is to resist the temptation to have a lone ranger in charge of all the effort. Likely, the marketing person or the firm administrator will get stuck with the short straw posting pictures of your company’s latest picnic or community outing and scrambling for content to populate the blog. Don’t do that! Sure, someone needs to ultimately own the blog itself, but the content on the blog needs to be a team effort. The blog’s content is what makes it valuable; just having a blog is pointless– like going to the gym and not breaking a sweat. (more…)

Facebook concerns real? Yes.

Lots of news as of late related to Facebook and privacy issues. What do we make of them? Not sure, it’s confusing and fast paced but I do know that I, Gen Y-er tech head, is thinking about deleting my Facebook account in the near future. As a CPA firm I would suggest setting up a profile but paying attention to who you find your self ‘friending’ and what messages your firm puts out.

When you do a search on google it will predict, based on popular searches happening world-wide, what you are going to search for. This is a fun game to play with a few terms and see how it fills in the box….in this case it shows you that I am not the only one concerned with recent FaceBook happenings.

Social Media – Monumental Ruling by FTC

The details are here, but in short – this is a huge ruling by the FTC that will effect the current landscape of Social Media.

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