A Look Into Xcentric’s Dynamic Work Culture

Since our doors opened in 2002, our team has grown, especially over the past couple of years, but our culture of taking care of our employees has not changed.

Why do people enjoy working at Xcentric?

When our founders, Trey and Christian James, started the company, they knew that to truly serve clients well, they needed to also treat employees well.  An important piece of the Xcentric Cloud are the teams behind it: the support team, the team building and constantly improving upon the Cloud, and everyone in between.  Get to know the Faces Behind the Cloud. (more…)

Kicking Back Into Gear

We have a tradition at Xcentric…on the first business day after the April tax deadline, we have our annual Kickoff day.  We start the day off with a team-wide meeting in the morning, then head to a nearby park to grill out and play a game of kickball.  This is always a great time hanging out with other team members and their families.


Happy Holidays from Xcentric!

‘Tis the season at Xcentric! We hope most of you are able to wind down over the next week to enjoy family, friends and festivities.

Every year, our two offices have Christmas parties, with a delicious dinner followed by a “friendly” game of musical chairs. Musical chairs is the most anticipated event of the year for most of us at Xcentric as we fight for first pick at the prize table, which ranges from gifts like a Kitchen-Aid mixer and Nest thermostat to drones and X-Box live.

img_0010 (more…)

Get to know the faces behind Xcentric

Xcentric has had a good year so far with a growing client base and new team members to serve these new clients. We’ve been hiring people in every department, and we’re not slowing down anytime soon.

As part of our onboarding process, employees get their own bio page, so prospects and clients can get to know the faces behind the Xcentric Cloud. Take a look at our Team page and put a name to the faces of people you may have had support calls with or exchanged emails with. (more…)

Celebrating the End of Tax Season

We have a tradition here at Xcentric – our annual Kickoff picnic and group activity to celebrate the end of tax season!

Trey-Kickoff-2016 (more…)

Our Bozeman Crew Has a New Home!

Our Bozeman staff has been experiencing an exciting transition into their new, larger office space. This lodge-like office was previously the home of an outdoor gear shop…seems suitable for our adventurous Bozeman men and women. There’s still more construction and remodeling to be done, but here’s a sneak peak in the meantime.

Don’t worry, the address has been updated here in case you need to get in touch. (more…)

Kepczyk Escapes From Alcatraz

Sunday, June 7, 2015 was a fairly mild morning by San Francisco standards as we boarded the San Francisco Belle to head out on a 30-minute one-way trip to Alcatraz Island.  At 7:30 in the morning, the starter’s gun went off and 2,000 triathletes cleared the deck within nine minutes.  The first recollection was the frigid shock of plunging into 60 degree water, followed by the carnage of being clawed, kicked and pushed as each swimmer began the frantic swim across “the river” that runs between Alcatraz and the mainland (dumping 5 million gallons of water per second through the Golden Gate).  After 42 minutes an enormous smile broke out across my face as I climbed out of the bay and peeled off my wetsuit, knowing that it was possible for three convicts to make it to shore (and more concisely to acknowledge I had made it!). (more…)

Xcentric Offices Celebrate the Season with Tradition

Every December, each of our offices has a Christmas party, bringing everyone and their families and friends together to celebrate another good year.  The night usually starts out with some mingling before we sit down for a delicious meal.

Our CEO, Trey James, starting off dinner with a toast at the Alpharetta party. (more…)

Kicking off the End of Tax Season

Every April 16th, we’ve made it a tradition here at Xcentric to have a kickoff meeting and celebrate the end of tax season as a team. 

We started the day with a company-wide meeting where our leadership discussed the past year, where Xcentric is heading, and what the market is asking for. Both of our offices, Alpharetta & Bozeman,  invited their families to take part in the celebration with some grilling and kickball. 


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