BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) Considerations

Migrating from a traditional in-house network to a cloud-hosted network provides CPA firms with many benefits and opportunities. One of those benefits is flexibility. Employees are no longer dependent on a singular workstation, located in a physical office that’s only open during business hours, to get work done. They are also not hampered by limited remote access that is only configured for select users, or for certain applications that has simply been bolted onto an on-premise network.

The enhanced flexibility made possible by a cloud-hosted network, enables users to work with all of their data, in all of their applications, at any time, from just about any device. While this flexibility can improve employee productivity and user experience, it does open the door to new security and policy implications for firm and IT management to review. This article will take a look at the implications of the ability for users to work from any device and offer a suggestion for CPA firms working in the cloud. (more…)

The Last Server You Will Buy

I drive a 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser. It’s a beast, gets horrible gas mileage, won’t die, and I love it. I bought it for $10,200 8 years ago and could sell it today for approximately $8K. The best depreciating asset investment I have ever made!

The speed at which innovation, market demands and regulation are going (i.e. autonomous vehicles) combined with urban concentration, mind bending traffic, etc. lead me to believe that my beloved Land Cruiser is likely the last car I purchase that a) has a steering wheel that I can control and/or b) is gas powered. (more…)

New Security Webinar Available for Cloud Clients

Hey Xcentric Cloud clients, check out this new training video in our knowledge base and learning platform (Xcentric Learn), exclusively for our clients.  Watch this thirty-minute video as our Director of Consulting, Roman Kepczyk, walks through security threats to your firm and how to prevent a breach/attack. (more…)

At what firm size does it make sense to go to the cloud?

This is a popular question I have gotten over the years.  I used to try to answer the question with a token answer that at the end of the day didn’t really help the person who asked.  Now that I am a wily veteran in the IT space with accounting firms, I pivot the question.  Here is my brief answer to the question:

It’s not about size, it’s about position. (more…)

Xcentric and Citrix Make Mobile Access Secure and Simple

Isn’t mobility great? It makes it possible for employees to work anywhere, on any device, and be more productive than anyone could have ever imagined. But it’s not always so great for your business when it comes to making that access both secure and easy.

Increasingly, security concerns are putting companies between a rock and a hard place – having to choose whether to limit mobile access to company data on corporate or personal devices (which makes it harder for people to work at maximum productivity) or to give employees free rein to use their own devices (which makes it harder to secure sensitive data). (more…)

Hosted Applications or VDI

There is more than one way to deliver applications and data. The term “cloud is opaque” (when it comes down to actual user experience) can mean different things. At the core, cloud hosting involves applications or data hosted in a datacenter which is then delivered to users in remote locations. This is a broad definition. Because there are so many different use cases for cloud technology, and several different technical ways to deliver the cloud, the general definition needs to be broad. When it comes down to selecting which type of cloud and which provider is best for your firm, specificity is required. Xcentric is focused on delivering a custom cloud designed and engineered specifically for CPA firms. There may be various methods of cloud delivery that work better for different niches and different business models, but hosted application delivery has been proven over time to be the most effective means of cloud delivery methods for CPA firms. (more…)

You Can Prepare for Any Business Disruption with Xcentric and Citrix

What would happen if the power went out at your office just as you started reading this post? Or a fire alarm sounded? Or you learned you were in the path of a fast-moving hurricane or snowstorm?

Any expected or unexpected event that interrupts everyday operations and prevents people from doing their work can bring your business to its knees – not just financially, but also in terms of lost productivity, damage to reputation and other less quantifiable but equally serious consequences.

That’s the bad news. (more…)

Eight Reasons Firms Should Move to the Cloud

The 2017 CPA Firm Management Association (CPAFMA.org) Paperless Benchmark Survey released in the first quarter of this year, found that 23% of firms had moved their IT Infrastructure to cloud providers instead of building and maintaining them themselves among other findings.

Read below as to why this trend is accelerating and why your firm should be considering the move if they are not already.

Replacement Cost of Onsite Network

As servers come to life there is a cost of not only replacing the physical equipment, but conducting a thorough evaluation of current options and whether your internal personal have the experience to properly implement the new solution the first time.  Case in point, for the majority of firms Hosted Microsoft Exchange is a no-brainer from a cost/feature perspective but internal IT personnel want to maintain control of email. (more…)

Content for Xcentric Cloud Newbies

New to the Cloud?

Below is a great set of content that can help answer various questions you may have.

Dedicated Internet for Reliable Cloud Access

“For firms looking to utilize the power of cloud technology, the right internet connection is imperative. A powerful cloud without the right type of internet connection is inefficient and can prevent a firm from realizing the complete benefit of a hosted cloud solution. So what type of primary internet connection is considered best practice for firms in the cloud?”

Cloud Secret Sauce: The Xcentric Cloud Appliance


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