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Holiday Gift Gadget Clash

Whether giving or receiving, you’re going to need to prep your list for this giving season.  In this season of giving (not to mention elections), it’s time to bridge the gap regardless of which side you or your beneficiary

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Nov 24 by

2015 Holiday Gift List

All I want for Christmas is…?  Wait, you don’t know?  Here are a few ideas to ready your lists whether giving or receiving.

More and more, I hear stories of people dropping cable and shifting to alternate ways to

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Nov 18 by

2014 Gadgets Wish List

Here we go again, is it really that time already?  As temps drop well below the liking of this Georgia boy, I’ve prepped my wish list for Santa this year.  As always, my gift list is full of gadgets.

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Nov 26 by

2013 Gadgets Wish List

It’s that time of year again and, as Black Friday looms, here is a little help constructing the perfect gift wish list.  Being a gadget lover, my list, as well as Xcentric’s, is always full of toys for the

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Nov 14 by

Holiday Gadget Wishlist 2012

Gifts and gadgets go hand in hand. This year, what new items will suit the occasion for productivity at work and play at home? I’ve searched for the best new and interesting gifts from the tech world and have

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Sep 13 by

Introducing iPhone 5

The time of year has come for the release of a new iPhone. Questions abound, but, most importantly, what will Apple offer with the newest update to their flagship product?

The latest releases from Apple, the iPhone 4

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