With the upcoming production release of Xcentric Cloud Portal on December 18, 2014, we are excited to provide insight into the latest improvements.  Version 1.8 brings a variety of new features that are the culmination of the most frequently requested enhancements.  The first thing you’ll notice is the redesigned layout to accommodate the addition of two new widgets that further streamline your work-day.

This version adds personalized customization and forms the foundation for future widgets as they are developed.

For a video tour of the newest release see the bottom of this post or by clicking here.


Key Feature Releases:

Apps Widget

  • Lists all user provisioned applications with multiple user customizable views
  • Ability to group application icons by Favorites
  • Large, Small, and List views
  • Ability to search for Applications

Team Widget

  • Team Directory with all pertinent contact information
  • User online/offline and work statuses
  • Users can easily update their work status
  • Compact and Expanded views with customizable contact details
  • Team Directory search
  • New security role to allow administrative users to update other’s work statuses

Shortcuts Widget

  • Ability to create personal or company-wide shortcuts to any document, folder or website
  • Website shortcuts have the ability to be launched from within the Cloud or on the local web browser
  • Administrative users have the ability to manage company-wide shortcuts
  • Ability to create a list of favorite shortcuts

Application Launching and Session Management Improvements

  • Added a Cloud Session status indicator feature, which displays the current status of your Cloud session. The new Cloud icon is located in the upper right corner of the
  • Home tab and will change color based on the current status of your connection. Statuses include: green = connected, orange = disconnected session, and red = error with message.
  • The application launching process has been updated to give visual feedback when a user establishes a connection to the Cloud.
  • This feature aims to minimize the creation of multiple sessions and user profile resets.
  • The Cloud Session menu includes the ability to view and manage the status of your Cloud session, administer sessions for other users (with proper administrative roles), and change the layout of the Home tab.

User Profiles

  • Added the ability to upload a user photo
  • All profile information is easily editable
  • Select profile information is visible to others on Team widget (i.e. cell phone number, office location, etc.)
  • Improved access to editing password and security questions

System Messages

  • Creates a unified messaging system for enhanced communication to users of the Cloud Portal
  • Administrative users now have the ability to create system messages for their staff
  • Messages include a message, beginning date/time, expiration date/time, and severity
  • System messages show up in the notification bar (same place as password expiration notices)
  • Will be used to post notifications regarding system incidents and/or informational messages

Christian James
Christian James is the co-founder and COO of Xcentric. HeRead more...



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