Is all of the recent talk about virtualization just hype? We don’t think so. Here are 5 fundamental ways CPA firms- and all businesses for that matter- could reap benefits from leveraging virtualization for their next network refresh:

Better utilization of investment

If you think about how much computing power a hardware server has and how much you actually use, a lot is wasted. I usually poll the audience when I present on virtualization, and people typically estimate that they are utilizing 10% or less of the actual power of their servers. Server virtualization allows you to capture the lost utilization.


When running virtual, your “server” is now just a file on a disk. The hardware becomes just processor and RAM to run the virtual server. If you replicate the virtual servers, you can bring up your production environment anywhere – not a copy of your production environment, but your actual production environment.

Hardware life cycle

With virtualization, your hardware refresh life cycle is much easier to implement. Since your server workload is separate from the physical hardware, you can refresh your hardware without the headache of migrating an operating system and applications to a new piece of hardware.

Change control

With server virtualization, you can snapshot a server at a point in time before making changes. If the changes have a negative impact on the environment, you can quickly and easily roll back to the snapshot.


Most major vendors have free offerings for server virtualization. VMware’s ESXi, Microsoft’s Hyper-V Server, and Citrix’s XenServer are all free.

  • Ian Carlson
    April 22, 2013

    Very nice article Christian.

Christian James
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