Xcentric Cloud Online User Training is now available on our Knowledge Base site!

The training is presented in 3 video modules and is designed for new hires, interns, seasonal employees, and anyone needing a refresher on using the Xcentric Cloud Network.

Here’s a quick overview:

Part 1: About the Xcentric Cloud Network
•What is Xcentric Cloud?
•What are the benefits of Xcentric Cloud?
•Terms you should know
•What changes should I expect?

Part 2: Accessing the Xcentric Cloud Network
•Logging in
•Launching applications
•Personalizing your account
•Transferring files
•Logging out

Part 3: Xcentric Cloud Network Tips and Assistance
•Common issues
•Best practicies
•Getting help
•Maintenance windows

We hope you find the videos helpful in navigating and understanding the Xcentric Cloud Network.

  • Kelly Nizzer Bates
    April 20, 2012

    Great idea. Look forward to checking these out and asking certain users to take the training!!

    • Roy Keely
      Roy Keely
      April 23, 2012

      Please give us feedback on them too. Thanks Kelly!

Jose Smith



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