Technology has reached a point where it is nearly impossible for a CPA firm to keep up with regulations, security, ease of use, and reliability while staying within a reasonable budget. This is where the Xcentric Cloud enters the picture to help alleviate the IT burden commonly felt by CPA firms.

Focused On Accountants

We focus solely on accounting firms - yes solely. We know your personalities, your software, your workflow, your associations, your deadlines, and we know what makes a firm both tick and succeed in today's marketplace. We have 3 cloud offerings suited to meet the unique needs of our firms.

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1,000+ Applications Hosted for CPA firms nationwide


Firms all over the country

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Keeping Your Firm Secure Skyhigh-Enterprise-seal

It doesn't matter what size firm you are, it's hard to provide the necessary protection for your business these days. Mounting regulations and threats can make one's head spin; however, there is a way your firm can provide the necessary security measures to keep your data safe. Our Cloud brings enterprise security features to your firm in a way that won't break your bank and will allow you to far surpass what you could manage and afford on your own.

SOC Compliant Data Center

  • Enterprise Class Firewalls
  • SSL or TLS Encrypted web traffic
  • Automated Path Management
  • Multi-vendor Anti-virus
  • Filtered web traffic
  • Bio-metrics
  • Security Guards
  • Retina Scan

No More Updates

With Xcentric's Cloud, we do regular maintenance and your application updates during off-hours as not to interfere with your workday. We are able to roll out updates much faster than on the typical in-house network because we do it simultaneously for all workstations via the Cloud instead of having to update each workstation individually.

24x7 Support

We know CPAs can keep some odd hours. Early early mornings and late late nights are the usual in this field. That said, we are staffed to accommodate your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To read more about how we staff and our response times outside of normal business hours see our knowledge base for more details.

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On-The-Go Productivity

How does your network travel? Access that is secure and reliable is key to your firm's culture in order to please an increasingly demanding client base. With our Cloud, we truly allow a CPA firm to go mobile while leaving nothing behind. Basically, you can access your network from any computer or supported device in the world, no matter the setting, with the same experience whether in the office or away.


Supported Devices


Solid Foundation

We know that up-time is crucial to your business and have built all of our systems with that in mind. We have redundancy at a variety of levels to ensure smooth operating is the norm. Does that mean technology somehow ceases to be technology and never breaks? No. We won't lie; technology still breaks. We haven't figured out how to beat the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics. However, what we have done is to ensure all systems have redundancy and implement ways to reduce human error.


  • Clustered Servers
  • 4 Internet Connections from 4 Different Providers
  • Redundant Power
  • Fire Protection Systems

Network Be Nimble, Network Be Quick

We do everything with the CPA in mind. This means being ready to scale for seasonal staff, office mergers, multiple locations, and stay-at-home parents. We have invested in a technology foundation so you don't have to- one that scales based on the needs of your firm. Back, forwards, or sideways, we are able to meet the needs your business has now and will have in the future.

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PLUS Size your Cloud

Firms are being impacted by the Cloud now more than ever but are still asking the question regarding how to handle workstations, devices, Internet, and the other items that remain in the office. This is where Xcentric excels – taking a ground to Cloud approach. Below are the different aspects of our PLUS plan that can be added to any of our different Cloud Plans.


Security from the Cloud to the Workstation

Some cloud providers like to think that if they provide their clients a cloud it means their data is secure. We are not one of those providers. The cloud, with all its capabilities and security, is only as secure as the device that accesses it. This is why we provide end to end security for all of our cloud clients. These are some of the items we manage on behalf of our clients to help them reduce their risk, time and hassle on technology:

  • Anti-virus
    Protection from dangerous attacks and malicious software
  • Anti-malware
    Utilize technologies that are designed to quickly detect, destroy, and prevent malware
  • Audit & Inventory
    Perform fast, accurate and up-to-date audit and inventory of computers
  • Workstation Monitoring
    Able to predict before things go wrong and fix things before they break on the workstation
  • Patch Management
    Keep workstations and remote computers up-to-date with the latest important security patches and updates

Read more about "Why Managed Workstations"

Internet Monitoring and Threat Protection

When you go to the cloud, your dependence on the internet is heightened, from both a reliability and a security perspective. This is where Xcentric steps in. While we don't ultimately own your relationship with the internet provider, we can help keep things in check. We install and manage the firewall that we use to both monitor the internet performance and protect your firm from any other inbound threats.

Cloud Appliance

When a firm moves to the Cloud in a holistic way, pretty much all of their servers can be powered down and recycled as necessary. However, what often goes underestimated in the Cloud is the need to both secure and manage the local domain/network. This is where the Cloud Appliance comes in. Xcentric supplies and manages the Cloud Appliance (think of a really small server) for the firm, which enables better security, enhanced printing and scanning options and, in general, creates a smoother transition to the Cloud.

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