Remote Employee Q&A: Holly

Basic Info

  • Name: Holly
  • Title: Operations Coordinator
  • Firm size: 35+ employees
  • How long at the firm: 10 years
  • How long and how often have you been working remotely: 7 years


Remote Employee Q&A: Connie Buenrostro

Basic Info

  • Name: Connie Buenrostro
  • Title: Office Manager
  • Firm size:  8+ employees
  • How long at the firm: 9 years…pretty much been with the firm since their beginning
  • How long and how often have you been working remotely: After Roman reviewed our firm and told us to go more paperless, I started working remotely a good bit. I moved to Mexico in August 2016 (and will be here for a couple of years) and went completely remote.


Don’t Miss: How to Decide If a Remote Team Is Right For Your Firm

*This webinar has ended. You may view the recording here.

Remote work and retaining strong employees has been a hot topic within the accounting industry over the past few years.  Based on studies, offering the option to work remotely, at least part-time, is a huge incentive to many strong employees and is also something millennials are attracted to when applying to jobs.

Join Xcentric‘s VP of Market Strategy and Accountingfly‘s CEO tomorrow at 2PM EST for a highly informative webinar on taking your firm remote.  While working remote is not for every person or every firm, hear common threads on what makes for a successful remote work environment.  Find out best practices and what tends to work (and not work) for firms across the country.

Remote Employee Q&A: Mandy Eldridge

Basic Info

  • Name: Mandy Eldridge
  • Title: Director of Tax and Operations
  • Firm size: 6 employees
  • How long at the firm: November 2016 (I also worked with the firm in its start-up phase in 2013/2014)
  • How long have you been working remotely: Since January 2014,  5-7 days a week


Remote Employee Q&A: Terri Desadier

This is the first remote employee Q&A in our remote series (see the bottom of the post for other parts of the series). For the next few weeks, we will have a new Q&A on our blog capturing specific people’s experiences with working from home, including details of their home setup, their firm’s remote policies, benefits of working remotely, and more.

Basic Info

  • Name: Terri Desadier
  • Title: Tax Admin, HR, Tech Support (Firm Admin)
  • Firm size: 20+ employees
  • How long at the firm: 15 years
  • How long have you been working remotely: Everyday for 15 months


Citrix Blog Post: Anywhere Access to Business-critical Apps

With today’s mobile workforce, employees in businesses of all sizes and in all industries want – or actually demand – remote access to business-critical apps and data to help them achieve work-life balance. They’re working from home offices, collaborating with customers and colleagues, working with stakeholders in different time zones, and using a variety of networks.

Forward-thinking businesses like yours are stepping up to deliver mobility because they are seeing the value of moving beyond just providing basic network access to providing secure, portable, always-on, always-connected working environments that follow and empower employees with access to business-critical apps regardless of their location, choice of device or connectivity. (more…)

Citrix Blog Post: Reduce IT Costs

Stop Doing Costly, Manual Desktop Setups and Updates and Start Saving with Virtualization

Every time someone from IT manually updates an employee’s desktop in your organization, it makes a distinctive sound.


It’s the sound of unnecessary IT spending on manual efforts to keep individual PCs up-to-date with the latest patches or the newest versions of operating systems and apps. And the more employees and devices your organization has, the faster that spending adds up.

App virtualization can change all that. Instead of running apps locally on each individual PC, centralize them in the data center and deliver them as a service over a network connection to the actual hardware where they’ll be running. (more…)

New Resources: Mimecast Whitepapers!

Our Infrastructure team has been working hard on integrating Mimecast into our Xcentric Cloud offerings. Mimecast tremendously increases email security, making it extremely difficult to attack. We’ve gathered a few resources to help clients and prospects better understand what Mimecast does and how it works.

These whitepapers are all free and ready to download. Check them out! (more…)

Cloud, Connectivity & Causality…The Factors of Improving Your Cloud Experience

An insufficient or unreliable internet connection is a productivity killer. If users are forced to wait on web pages to refresh or for offsite data and applications to load, valuable time is lost. A poor connection reduces efficiency and can damage a firm’s bottom line.

Internet connections are too often grouped into the same utility category as electricity. Electricity is easy – you pay the bill and plug in your devices, and everything just works. You don’t need visibility into an electrical connection. You never have to worry about the power company failing to provide the power you were promised. It’s not possible for a single device in your office to use so much power that it negatively affects your whole office. (more…)

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