Real Life Example of a Firm Using the Cloud to Meet Hiring Needs

One benefit of using the cloud is that you don’t have to limit your search for good employees to your geographical area.  Whether it’s long-term or seasonal, it’s possible to get high-quality work done from employees thousands of miles away from your firm’s office.

For instance, I know of a firm located in a smaller Virginia town who was looking for some quality temporary employees. With an approaching 4/18 deadline, there was a high load of returns still needing to be processed.  The managing partner reached out to AccountingFly, a great resource for finding accountants to hire all over the country, and was able to find two remote employees who happened to live in California.  Both seemed to have great experience, and both were looking for a little extra work. (more…)

Roy’s Ramblings: Cloud Enables Growth & Scale

If your firm is going through or preparing for a merger/acquisition, this short 2-minute video applies to you.  If your firm is interested in retaining key employees with the incentive of working from home and/or not having to quit the firm if their spouse is relocating, etc., this video is for you.

Several CPA firms often find themselves stuck in the same IT routine, replacing their core IT systems every few years without adding value.  In the Xcentric Cloud, you don’t have to do stay in that routine.  Watch this quick video to find out how to become more scalable and add more value to your firm. (more…)

Atlanta Bridge Collapse = More Xcentric Employees Working Remotely

News of the Atlanta I-85 bridge collapse is pretty widespread across the country.  To summarize quickly for those who have not heard about it, an accidental fire started under one of the major Atlanta interstate bridges two weeks ago.  This resulted in a section of the bridge collapsing in only a few hours.  This incident has caused one of Atlanta’s busiest interstate sections to close until the bridge can be repaired.  Current estimates are indicating that the bridge won’t be completed until mid-June.

Before the fire, Atlanta’s traffic was already horrific. According to the INRIX’s 2016 Global Traffic Scorecard ranking, Atlanta has the 4th most traffic of any city in North America and ranks as 9th in the world.  Needless to say, commuting for professionals, parents, and students has gone from being a daily pain to a quality of life nightmare. (more…)

Remote Employee Q&A: Holly

Basic Info

  • Name: Holly
  • Title: Operations Coordinator
  • Firm size: 35+ employees
  • How long at the firm: 10 years
  • How long and how often have you been working remotely: 7 years


Remote Employee Q&A: Connie Buenrostro

Basic Info

  • Name: Connie Buenrostro
  • Title: Office Manager
  • Firm size:  8+ employees
  • How long at the firm: 9 years…pretty much been with the firm since their beginning
  • How long and how often have you been working remotely: After Roman reviewed our firm and told us to go more paperless, I started working remotely a good bit. I moved to Mexico in August 2016 (and will be here for a couple of years) and went completely remote.


Don’t Miss: How to Decide If a Remote Team Is Right For Your Firm

*This webinar has ended. You may view the recording here.

Remote work and retaining strong employees has been a hot topic within the accounting industry over the past few years.  Based on studies, offering the option to work remotely, at least part-time, is a huge incentive to many strong employees and is also something millennials are attracted to when applying to jobs.

Join Xcentric‘s VP of Market Strategy and Accountingfly‘s CEO tomorrow at 2PM EST for a highly informative webinar on taking your firm remote.  While working remote is not for every person or every firm, hear common threads on what makes for a successful remote work environment.  Find out best practices and what tends to work (and not work) for firms across the country.

Remote Employee Q&A: Mandy Eldridge

Basic Info

  • Name: Mandy Eldridge
  • Title: Director of Tax and Operations
  • Firm size: 6 employees
  • How long at the firm: November 2016 (I also worked with the firm in its start-up phase in 2013/2014)
  • How long have you been working remotely: Since January 2014,  5-7 days a week


Remote Employee Q&A: Terri Desadier

This is the first remote employee Q&A in our remote series (see the bottom of the post for other parts of the series). For the next few weeks, we will have a new Q&A on our blog capturing specific people’s experiences with working from home, including details of their home setup, their firm’s remote policies, benefits of working remotely, and more.

Basic Info

  • Name: Terri Desadier
  • Title: Tax Admin, HR, Tech Support (Firm Admin)
  • Firm size: 20+ employees
  • How long at the firm: 15 years
  • How long have you been working remotely: Everyday for 15 months


Citrix Blog Post: Simplify Desktop Management

Did the launch of Windows 10 get you thinking again about adopting the latest OS and desktop for your business? Did you get a slight feeling of dread at the thought, even though you’d love to take advantage of all the new features and benefits? If so, you’re not alone.

Staying current with software and hardware is a challenge for companies of all sizes, especially if you’re still doing manual updates to applications. The number of PCs and other devices your IT team has to manage has become a huge effort as you work to maintain and update apps, patch OSs and continually replace outdated, lost or stolen machines. (more…)

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