Xcentric at the Upcoming CPAFMA Technology Fly-In

Xcentric’s own COO and Director of Consulting are both speaking at the 2015 CPAFMA Technology Fly-In. This year’s fly-in will take place in Chicago on November 10-11. This event is known for offering insightful perspectives from speakers on the ever-changing technology environment of the Accounting industry.

Roman Kepczyk is speaking on the first day of the conference on the CPA Digital Ecosystem, and Christian James’ session is on the second day on IT Infrastructure Update and Data Center Questions. Make sure to catch both of their sessions to learn more about these topics…they’ll be worthwhile!

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Cloud Secret Sauce: Dynamic Dedicated Server Resources

Application performance in a server-based environment can be a lot like traffic: roads are designed and built with a specific expected volume of cars in mind. As long as the number of cars on the road does not exceed the capacity the road was built for, then everyone moves along to their destination at a happy and productive pace. Pretty much everyone in the world would agree with this idea, in theory, but we still all spend time sitting in traffic.

The problem is that things change. Cities can experience rapid growth in population. This results in a greater than expected number of drivers on the road. Maybe a pro sporting event, a concert, and a regional festival are all coinciding with the Friday afternoon commute home from work. Or maybe it’s simply a busier than usual time of the year. Server-based computing environments are the same way – they are typically designed for a certain number of users who use a certain type of application. When a greater number of users or a different type of application than

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Post Summer IT Strategy Tune Up

It’s been more than two months since the AICPA Practitioners Symposium and TECH+ Conference in Orlando, and most participants have fallen back into the traditional grind of coordinating extension production and work around the revolving door of scheduling staff vacations and bringing everyone back into the office. This lull before the storm can provide an opportunity to reflect on the IT progress made on initiatives since the post-busy season debrief and realign resources to tune up the firm’s IT strategy before the extension season kicks into full gear. Take a look at six key strategic opportunities to reinvigorate your firm’s IT plans this month.

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Roman Has Done It Again for the 12th Time!

Congratulations to our Director of Consulting, Roman Kepczyk, for being named one of Inside Public Accounting’s Most Recommended Consultants for 2015!  This is his 12th time receiving this honor.

The consultants on this list are the 10 most frequently used consultants by firms within the accounting industry during 2015.

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KPI Dashboards – The New Frontier in Financial Reporting

This guest post was written by John Higgins, CPA.CITP of CPA Crossings, LLC and was originally authored for distribution by the Montana Societies of CPAs.

The Changing World of Information

Just think how much things have changed over the past 10 years in the way we communicate with one another and share information. Everything is instant (think text messaging), everything is more visual (think Snapchat) and everything is more mobile (think smartphones and tablets). It all started with social interactions but has rapidly extended to business information sharing. So we, as a profession, have to ask ourselves, “Are we adapting our reporting model to keep pace?” The answer, I believe, is sort of.

The good news is that there is an abundance of a whole new generation of tools available to us to develop reporting systems that are timelier, more relevant and more easily understood than ever before. The bad news is that only a fraction of CPAs have taken steps to embrace this new reporting model and the opportunity that it provides for us to do a better job of informing

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Roy Keely Recognized on 2015 “40 Under 40” List

Every year, CPA Practice Advisor selects 40 professionals in the accounting industry under the age of 40 who they believe are leaders taking accounting to the next level. Congratulations, Roy for being recognized on this list for your 4th consecutive year!

Below is an excerpt from Roy’s Q&A with CPA Practice Advisor.

Q: What is the name of one book that has been a great influence to you?

A: Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton. Orthodoxy has had a profound affect on my thought life as a whole – thus has impacted how I do business more than any business book ever could. Chesterton’s ability to see the ‘miraculous in the mundane’ has allowed me to relish more in the simple, understated things of this world rather than the trappings of success. A quote for good measure:

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Xcentric Goes with Blade Technology to Help Power the Cloud

Xcentric recently decided to make a significant investment in blade technology, namely Cisco UCS Blades, in order to ensure our ability to scale and ensure performance + resiliency for our clients. Below is a brief Q&A with Sam Hollis, our Lead Infrastructure Engineer. We intentionally left out some of the “bits and bytes” because most of our readers do not geek out over specs and complex IT nuances. You’re welcome!

Why was Xcentric looking at “blade” technology?

A couple of reasons:

Blade technology allows Xcentric the scalability and flexibility needed to handle all the growth that we have experienced in recent years and expect well into the future. It also allows us to reduce our power consumption and footprint in tandem which better allows us to control costs and pass that savings to our clients.
Blade technology allows us to cram more ‘horsepower’ into the system which is what firms need during those peak deadline periods.

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Recap of Our 2015 Cloud Conference


I joined Xcentric in May 2007, and my first day on the job was participating in our first “conference” – XcITed (Xcentric IT Education…get it?). We hosted 40 people from all over the country in the Atlanta Financial Building and spent time geeking out about servers, exploring how to work with end users, discovering Citrix’s latest features, and anything else en vogue at the time. The folks in attendance were by and large IT people with a few partners who enjoyed the blinky light topics, and I guarantee the word “cloud” was never mentioned. The Xcentric of 2007 reminds me of my teenage years…trying to find my way, blemishes a’plenty (thanks ProActiv!), and good intentions laced with a wild west mentality.

Fast forward approximately 9 years and it is time for round 2 of XcITed…only this time we are a completely different company with a different type of client. So there I sat in Cook Hall (the restaurant for night 2 of the conference) eating a family-style meal with clients and cohorts, thankful for those early years that forged such strong

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IT Committee Trending Topics

Information Technology is an integral part of every firm’s strategic plan, and most firms have instituted an IT committee to promote and monitor initiatives which need to be reviewed and updated annually for evolving trends that could impact the firm’s strategies.  Below we feature eight trending technology topics that firms should evaluate and discuss the impact on their current initiatives and make adjustments as needed.

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