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Smartphones and tablets have become standard tools utilized within accounting firms, and while major accounting applications are adding mobile functionality to their tax, audit and accounting tools, there are a large amount of applications that make CPAs more productive in their day-to-day office work and when on the road. Below are some absolutely awesome applications that have made a significant difference in the accounting profession. CPAs should consider adopting them for their workstation or mobile device so they can take advantage of them in the months ahead.

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Xcentric on Top 25 Thought Leader + MSPmentor501 Lists

Xcentric’s Director of Consulting, Roman Kepczyk, has been named Top 25 Thought Leader again for his 6th consecutive year. Congrats, Roman!

Roman, along with the other 24 thought leaders who received this honor, met this past February for The CPA Practice Advisor Thought Leader Symposium. The purpose of the symposium is to gather these 25 thought leaders with other influential development and executive staff of core accounting technology providers to discuss the future of the profession and how to lead the industry into this future.

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2016 CPAFMA Technology Survey Findings

The CPA Firm Management Association recently conducted its first comprehensive technology survey tailored specifically to member firms with the goal of identifying the applications, products and processes utilized by peers. Where possible, the survey attempted to identify which applications firms are moving to in the cloud compared to traditionally on-premise managed solutions. The survey was conducted in January 2016, with 140 members participating, 90% of which had between 11 and 149 personnel and almost half being multi-office. The findings of the survey are summarized below.

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Get to know the faces behind Xcentric

Xcentric has had a good year so far with a growing client base and new team members to serve these new clients. We’ve been hiring people in every department, and we’re not slowing down anytime soon.

As part of our onboarding process, employees get their own bio page, so prospects and clients can get to know the faces behind the Xcentric Cloud. Take a look at our Team page and put a name to the faces of people you may have had support calls with or exchanged emails with.

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New: IT Partner Webinar Series

We have an exciting, new webinar series to announce! This 3-part series focuses on helping IT Partners be better IT Partners to their firms. We have found in our years of serving accounting firms that often times the partner in charge of technology didn’t necessarily volunteer for the role and/or are distracted by their ‘day job.’ This series will better position people for success in their role and, in relatively short order, will catch them up to speed on the trending and important topics in the industry.

Registration is easy (and free)! When you sign up for one of these three webinars, you sign up for all of them. Click on any of the links below and fill out the form. So what are you waiting for? Register today!

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New Resources: Mimecast Whitepapers!

Our Infrastructure team has been working hard on integrating Mimecast into our Xcentric Cloud offerings. Mimecast tremendously increases email security, making it extremely difficult to attack. We’ve gathered a few resources to help clients and prospects better understand what Mimecast does and how it works.

These whitepapers are all free and ready to download. Check them out!

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Cloud, Connectivity & Causality…The Factors of Improving Your Cloud Experience

An insufficient or unreliable internet connection is a productivity killer. If users are forced to wait on web pages to refresh or for offsite data and applications to load, valuable time is lost. A poor connection reduces efficiency and can damage a firm’s bottom line.

Internet connections are too often grouped into the same utility category as electricity. Electricity is easy – you pay the bill and plug in your devices, and everything just works. You don’t need visibility into an electrical connection. You never have to worry about the power company failing to provide the power you were promised. It’s not possible for a single device in your office to use so much power that it negatively affects your whole office.

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Find Xcentric at an Event This Summer

Find Xcentric at an Event This Summer

Conference season for the accounting industry has started, and that means our calendar is full with events. We’ll be returning to several conferences but also exhibiting and/or speaking at some new ones this year.

Check out our Events page and make sure to catch us at the next one. Sit in on some of our sessions or just stop by the booth to say “hey” and grab some Xcentric SWAG. We’ll be happy to see familiar and fresh faces to share what we’ve been working on in 2016.

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Transition Process

What Does Transitioning to the Cloud Look Like?

Any time there is a change/shift in technology, people get tense. This is totally justified; IT is an essential aspect in today’s CPA firm and how it meets the need of their clients. Thus, moving to the cloud can seem daunting, since it touches both technology and people.

The reality of the situation is this: a CPA firm has on average 70 or so unique applications, likely hundreds of GBs of data, and nuances galore. There is no way to move a firm to the cloud without an ever-evolving, ever-improving process managed by outside experts.

Xcentric performs a cutover on an almost weekly basis throughout the (non-tax season) year. It’s what we do and can be compared to a decent-big size audit done by one of our clients. We take our firms’ transition to the cloud very seriously.  So much so that we have a whole team dedicated to managing the process.

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