Find Xcentric at an Event This Summer

Find Xcentric at an Event This Summer

Conference season for the accounting industry has started, and that means our calendar is full with events. We’ll be returning to several conferences but also exhibiting and/or speaking at some new ones this year.

Check out our Events page and make sure to catch us at the next one. Sit in on some of our sessions or just stop by the booth to say “hey” and grab some Xcentric SWAG. We’ll be happy to see familiar and fresh faces to share what we’ve been working on in 2016.

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Transition Process

What Does Transitioning to the Cloud Look Like?

Any time there is a change/shift in technology, people get tense. This is totally justified; IT is an essential aspect in today’s CPA firm and how it meets the need of their clients. Thus, moving to the cloud can seem daunting, since it touches both technology and people.

The reality of the situation is this: a CPA firm has on average 70 or so unique applications, likely hundreds of GBs of data, and nuances galore. There is no way to move a firm to the cloud without an ever-evolving, ever-improving process managed by outside experts.

Xcentric performs a cutover on an almost weekly basis throughout the (non-tax season) year. It’s what we do and can be compared to a decent-big size audit done by one of our clients. We take our firms’ transition to the cloud very seriously.  So much so that we have a whole team dedicated to managing the process.

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Celebrating the End of Tax Season

We have a tradition here at Xcentric – our annual Kickoff picnic and group activity to celebrate the end of tax season!


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Outlook Email Optimization Tips Everyone Should Know

Industry studies point to employees spending at least a quarter of their workday reading and responding to emails, which they check at least 20 times per day according to a recent article in Inc. magazine. A significant portion of those emails have “very low” to “junk mail” priority, but their constant stream of interruption creates havoc on individual productivity. Adopting good email discipline will improve individual and overall organizational effectiveness, so we feel organizations should provide training and direction to all personnel on acquiring good email habits. Below are nine ways to manage email more effectively today! The functionality described in this article is based on Outlook 2016, but earlier versions include similar functionality.

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Cloud Secret Sauce: The Xcentric Cloud Appliance

The benefits of using a cloud network, custom-built to support the unique technology needs of the accounting industry are numerous. That being said, moving to the cloud is a huge step for many firms. The unique technology needs of the accounting industry can complicate the migration of a CPA firm into the cloud for many technology providers. Some providers simply have not thought through or experienced supporting or building a cloud environment specifically for an accounting firm. One of the areas where complications can arise and productivity can be lost involves the actual connection to the cloud. Simply building a high-quality cloud in a data center is not enough to ensure that firms are able to leverage that cloud to make their users more productive and their business more successful. Through years of supporting the accounting industry, we believe that a dual approach that involves connecting both users and offices to the cloud allows a firm to properly take advantage of cloud technology.

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2016 Cloud Conference Agenda Update

We’ve updated our Cloud Conference Agenda page with more details for the event taking place in Atlanta this August. We’ll have one last update closer to the event with the final schedule.

Make sure to grab your seat for the conference before July 1st, when the price increases again. Also, don’t forget to book your flight and hotel room; the W Hotel block discount ends on August 1st.

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Letter from the CEO

Apr 19 by

Letter from the CEO

Having just wrapped up another tax season, I thought it would be interesting to reflect on the industry we serve and, more importantly, the people that make our world go around.  First, I’d like to offer congratulations for surviving the craziness that is tax season.  Your tireless efforts to prepare and submit the hundreds, maybe thousands of tax returns on time and with excellence may be missed by many, but not by the folks here at Xcentric.

 We see how much you care and how hard you work to serve people.  You sacrifice time with family and friends, your health suffers, your personal desires (like skiing!) are put aside — and you do all of this for people who have no desire or ability to do what you do.  Your work is often thankless and misunderstood.  We appreciate that Uncle Sam’s last minute changes are hard on you and that you’re the messenger, not the villain.

So, from the Xcentric family of individual tax payers, thanks for corralling us to get our statements, spreadsheets, paperwork and receipts to you

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Xcentric Loves Firm Administrators Giveaway!

We are huge fans of people who work hard to take care of their firms, so we want to hook up a special firm administrator with an all-expenses-paid vacation to one of our favorite cities on the planet: Asheville, NC. We will announce the winner at this year’s CPA Firm Management Association conference (formerly known as The Association for Accounting Administration “AAA”) in June.

This free trip includes:

airfare for 2 (coach…sorry!)
​accommodations for a 4-day/3-night stay at a luxury Asheville resort
1 fancy dinner at the resort restaurant
breakfast every morning at the resort
transportation to/from airport
2 tickets to tour the beautiful Biltmore House (America’s largest home)
play money!!!

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Quantum of Paperless Book Update

Our Director of Consulting, Roman Kepczyk, wrote a book a few years ago to help accounting firms know where they should be in terms of technology and how to get there.  There have been several versions of this successful book, and the newest edition has 2016 updates, including information from the 2016 CPAFMA IT Survey.

Here’s a quick overview of Roman’s guide to optimizing your firm:

Optimize your time by reading this Guide in one sitting, which should take between one and two hours.
Complete the Firm Optimization Checklist while you are reading and thoughts are fresh in your mind.
Put it away for a day and then re-evaluate your prioritization focusing on the top one to three initiatives in each area.
If other personnel can provide valuable input, have each individual read the Guide and complete their own Checklist.
Meet as a team to set priorities at a firm-wide level.

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