2017 CRN MSP500 Results Are Out!

We are excited to see that Xcentric has made it on CRN’s MSP 500 list again under the Pioneer 250 category.  The MSP500 list consists of solution providers in North America of which CRN recognizes as having “cutting-edge approaches to delivering managed services.”

This list of 500 companies is divided into three groups based on services and products offered.  The MSP Pioneer 250 group, which we fall into, consists of businesses that offer managed services mainly to the SMB market.

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Blog Hiatus During Tax Season

We love providing our readers with content on IT within the accounting industry, however, it only makes sense for us to post on our blog when our audience will read it. Because we know CPAs, we know that during tax season you’re too busy to do anything other than work, so we will be taking a break from our blog. We might occasionally post before the big deadline, however, we will mostly wait for you all to return.

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2017 CES Technology Trends to Monitor and Gawk At

Each January, Las Vegas plays host to the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which is the world’s largest consumer technology show, with 3,800 vendors and over 175,000 attendees from all over the world looking to find the latest and greatest home, office, and automotive technologies. While most of the featured technologies are targeted outside of the accounting profession, those that are successful on the consumer side often find their way into our firms to provide innovative solutions to improving productivity. With that thought in mind, we highlight the top CES trends and representative products that caught our eye at this year’s show.

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Don’t Miss This: 2017 CPAFMA Paperless Benchmark Results with Roman

Join CPAFMA and our Director of Consulting and industry leader, Roman Kepczyk, on Tuesday, January 31st at 2PM ET as he presents the findings of the CPAFMA 2017 Paperless Benchmark Survey, which was completed this past December.

Whether your firm is on the “bleeding” or stable edge of paperless technology…or your technology is so outdated that you are missing out entirely, this is the webinar for you. Find out what digital technologies your peer firms are utilizing this busy season. Roman will not only discuss tax department findings that firms are using this year, but will also cover audit and accounting, administration, and information technology benchmarks, as well as recommendations on trends and products he is predicting will impact the year ahead! All participants will receive a copy of the findings following this 60-minute MAPCast.

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Remote Employee Q&A: Holly

Basic Info

Name: Holly
Title: Operations Coordinator
Firm size: 35+ employees
How long at the firm: 10 years
How long and how often have you been working remotely: 7 years

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The Power of the Cloud for IT Firm Administrators

The Xcentric Cloud provides powerful tools for IT firm administrators.  In order to efficiently and effectively support users, we realize that firm administrators need increased access to network settings and firm accounts.  In order to provide special administrative access to qualified users, we have developed and integrated advanced tools and utilities into the Xcentric Cloud Portal.

In a traditional or self-hosted network, administrators are required to navigate across their network and servers to access utilities and admin panels located in various locations or on multiple servers.  Provided below is an overview of the functions and utilities made available to IT firm administrators in the Xcentric Cloud Portal within a single pane of glass.

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Remote Employee Q&A: Connie Buenrostro

Basic Info

Name: Connie Buenrostro
Title: Office Manager
Firm size:  8+ employees
How long at the firm: 9 years…pretty much been with the firm since their beginning
How long and how often have you been working remotely: After Roman reviewed our firm and told us to go more paperless, I started working remotely a good bit. I moved to Mexico in August 2016 (and will be here for a couple of years) and went completely remote.

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Don’t Miss: How to Decide If a Remote Team Is Right For Your Firm

*This webinar has ended. You may view the recording here.

Remote work and retaining strong employees has been a hot topic within the accounting industry over the past few years.  Based on studies, offering the option to work remotely, at least part-time, is a huge incentive to many strong employees and is also something millennials are attracted to when applying to jobs.

Join Xcentric‘s VP of Market Strategy and Accountingfly‘s CEO tomorrow at 2PM EST for a highly informative webinar on taking your firm remote.  While working remote is not for every person or every firm, hear common threads on what makes for a successful remote work environment.  Find out best practices and what tends to work (and not work) for firms across the country.

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Using the Ability to Go Remote As a Key Tactic in Your Retention Strategy

Staffing is a big problem in our space right now.  That is no news flash, but I am hearing some staggering numbers as it relates to staff turnover in firms.  I am hearing 10-20% type numbers…compound this with the difficulty of hiring in the first place, and we are in a real pickle as a profession.

Does the accounting profession’s problem have to be yours?

Because the poor guy/gal down the street can’t make heads and tails of their staffing situation doesn’t mean you have to follow his/her same plight.  Who cares if they have a staffing issue; their pain is possibly your gain.  For every suffering business, there is another business eating their lunch.  Sound dire or cutthroat?  I hear too many people buy into what the stats say about them versus determining that they have a say in the matter and realize they are able to steer the ship in another direction.

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