Tax Season Debrief: 6 Admin Questions to Consider

While clients seem to bring data in later each year and erroneous 1099s/K1s further increase workload compression, the 2016 tax season was actually one of the better ones from a technology perspective, with minimal changes being pushed by the government and tax application providers. This stability can lead firms into a lull thinking that their processes do not need to be re-evaluated, particularly in the administrative area which may get less attention when things seem to be going well. Summertime actually provides one of the best opportunities to re-evaluate administrative tax processes so new innovations can be piloted during the extension season and standardized by year-end. Firms should formerly debrief after each tax season and ask your administrative staff the following six questions to see if your firm can improve tax production processes.

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Register Before 2016 Cloud Conference Prices Increase

Make sure to grab a spot for this year’s Cloud Conference. This event is organized for Xcentric Cloud users. Join some of our team members, including our leadership team, and fellow users from CPA firms across the country.

Pricing for each attendee will increase on July 1, 2016, so register before to get a lower rate. Check out our Cloud Conference pages before purchasing tickets to view instructions on pricing for 2+ attendees from the same firm. Also, make sure you book your hotel room by August 1st to receive the discounted group rate.

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ChannelE2E’s Top 100 MSPs List is out, and guess who’s on it?

We are! Xcentric has been named on After Nines Inc.’s ChannelE2E Top 100 Vertical Market MSPs list and research. The list and research identify and honor the top 100 managed services providers (MSPs) in healthcare, government, financial services, manufacturing and additional vertical markets.

These rankings are based on ChannelE2E’s Q1 2016 readership survey. MSPs featured throughout the list and research leverage deep vertical market expertise to drive annual recurring revenues (ARR) in specific market segments.

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Citrix Blog Post: Reduce IT Costs

Stop Doing Costly, Manual Desktop Setups and Updates and Start Saving with Virtualization

Every time someone from IT manually updates an employee’s desktop in your organization, it makes a distinctive sound.


It’s the sound of unnecessary IT spending on manual efforts to keep individual PCs up-to-date with the latest patches or the newest versions of operating systems and apps. And the more employees and devices your organization has, the faster that spending adds up.

App virtualization can change all that. Instead of running apps locally on each individual PC, centralize them in the data center and deliver them as a service over a network connection to the actual hardware where they’ll be running.

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Understanding Processors: What CPU Should You Be Buying?

At the heart of every computer is the CPU (Central Processing Unit), which is the silicon microchip that processes the instructions fed to it from accounting and business applications. Determining the best CPU was traditionally based primarily on the clock rate, with the larger number being the faster processor (i.e. 3.4Ghz was better than 2.8Ghz). GHz stands for Gigahertz and reflects how many billions of cycles the CPU could process each second. Since personal computers over the previous two decades mostly had a single processor, this was a fairly straight forward decision. Unfortunately, this is not the case today as most processors have additional features to consider including cores, threads, cache and processor generations. Below are five CPU considerations that CPAs should be aware of when buying their next computer.


The two major manufacturers of CPUs are Intel and AMD. AMD made a name for itself for producing chips at the two extremes of computing: low-end budget chips and high-end gaming processors, neither of which optimally fit the CPA firm environment. Since many accounting applications are built around

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Client-only Webinar: Partner With myPay Solutions to Avoid Increasing Payroll Risks

Join us on Wednesday, June 22 at 2pm EST for a special guest webinar with myPay Solutions. This webinar is exclusively for Xcentric clients.

This 45-minute webinar will have presenters April Welliver (myPay Director of Sales) and Jim Paille (American Payroll Association (APA) President & Director of Compliance for myPay Solutions). They will explain how their payroll strategy enables you to free up resources and handle the latest payroll compliance complexities without the worry or risk.

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2016 Monitor Buying Considerations

Computer monitors are often an afterthought when buying new computers, which is a mistake as they can have a significant impact on personal productivity. Today’s CPA often has five to ten applications open at the same time and the more data that they see concurrently, the more effective they will be. The 2016 IT Survey conducted by the CPA Firm Management Association found that 81% of firms utilized more than two standard* monitors. While 59% of respondents utilized either triple or quadruple monitors, the growing trend appears to be firms adopting dual “oversize” monitors to increase viewable screen space, allowing CPAs to have more applications open as well as to clearly see the full view of scanned tax documents without having to scroll. If it has been a few years since your last monitor upgrade, here are a seven considerations to help you make the optimum choice for your work environment.

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Xcurated: High Search Rankings, Reid Hoffman, Travel Printers & More

Here is what we are reading, listening to, and watching around the web that we think will be of interest.

The Most Important Factor for High Search Rankings

Want your CPA firm to show up higher in Google rankings? YES! Of course you do. This is a quick read on where you need to focus your energy to make this happen.

A Dozen Things I’ve Learned from Steven Crist About Investing and Handicapping Horses

This is a really long post, but a super enjoyable read that leaves you smarter than when you started. Plus, it talks about betting on horses…very timely.

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2016 IT Survey Identifies CPA Firm Infrastructure and Workstation Trends

The CPAFMA* completed their 2016 Information Technology survey, which identified the latest IT infrastructure and workstation trends within medium and larger accounting firms. These firms often have greater resources to evaluate peer solutions and do more in-depth due diligence, highlighting solutions and recommendations which are becoming mainstream and eventually filter down to smaller firms.  Below, we identity five IT Infrastructure and workstation trends for firms to consider as they evaluate system upgrades this summer.

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